{OPSHOP} Pleats & Fishies

I started volunteering at a local opshop today run by the Endeavour Foundation. My reasons behind wanting to volunteer here include getting some retail experience to add to my resume and building my confidence up to jump back into the workforce as it’s been 9 years since I had a job. But you and I both know the real reason – the clothes! I will admit, I chose this opshop out of the others in town because they stock the best quality clothing at awesome prices and it’s a favourite of mine.

I forgot to take a photo of the store so borrowed this one from Google Maps.
My first day went well but consisted mainly of inductions and walk-throughs, although I already know this store back to front (ha!). I wore the jewellery set that I made earlier in the week and received two compliments on it!


Once the boring stuff was over and done with, I got to sort and tidy up the clothes. While doing this I was creating a shopping list of items I wanted in my head. After I finished work I went and grabbed a few of them and all up I spent a little over $40. Pretty good considering I wanted HALF THE STORE!

I have been searching for the perfect pair of dressy black shorts forever and found them today! BRAND: Zara (new) PRICE: Reduced to $10
I fell in love with the design on this top and already have a jewellery set in mind to make that matches it. BRAND: Temt PRICE:  Reduced to $2.45 (50% off red tags!)
Another brand new top that caught my eye while sorting. Love the navy. BRAND: Zara (new) PRICE: Reduced to $10
The most expensive of my purchases but OMG THE PRINT! How adorable are the little fishes?! BRAND: Bardot PRICE: $16
I don’t usually do pleats but they are slowly growing on me. I’m hoping this is one of those wash and wear skirts, not one I have to iron the pleats into every time! BRAND: Now (Target) PRICE: $7.95

It could be very dangerous for my bank account working in an opshop but also so much fun! I’m currently only doing one day a week, Wednesday, which is fine by me as it means I won’t spend as much money there!


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