{CREATE} Pomegranate & Marble

One piece of jewellery that I have always wanted was a red beaded necklace. I’m not sure what it is I love about them, they just look very classy and elegant – both things I rarely feel myself! I’ve never come across one that I actually like so naturally, now that I have the tools, I made my own.

The pendant on the necklace is easy to remove should I just want to wear it plain and I made three different sets of earrings to go with either way.

For a personal touch I added an ‘A’ charm to the bracelet (for Amanda) and stamped the final bead on the necklace too. I’m going try and incorporate this in all my jewellery pieces. 🙂

I experimented a bit with the glazing. For the necklace I used the Sculpey brand gloss glaze and for the bracelet I used a polymer gloss varnish I found at Spotlight. In comparison, I much prefer the Sculpey glaze as it makes the beads so much shinier. And I like shiny!

This project took over three days to complete and I’m quite thrilled with how it turned out. My jewellery making/wire work needs a bit of practice but I’m having fun learning in the meantime.

Let me know what you think of this set in the comments below!


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