{OPSHOP} Sharpies & Outback Ghosts

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I’m not sure if this is every Woolworths in Queensland or just my local store but I saved $98 on today’s shopping by grabbing several items that were reduced to ridiculously low prices!

6x Decor Sports Water Bottles @ .50c each ($3.00) – Because we can never have too many water bottles in this house.
5x Bostik Fine & Wide Clear Glue @ .20c each ($1.00) – For my craft projects.
2x Elmers School Glue @ .20c each (.40c) – For the kids craft projects (Mummy likes her own glue).
2x 2pk Sharpie Markers @ .50c each – ($1.00) – Because, Sharpies!

TOTAL = $5.40!

I also nabbed a bargain at the book exchange where I found two more novels from Australian authors, Pamela Cook and Rachael Johns (loving their books!), for $6 each and another bargain at EB Games where I scored a Skylanders PS3 game, 3x Skylanders and the portal for $17.

Thrilled with today’s savings!



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