{OPSHOP} Red Sand & Angry Birds

New week, new haul! Not all of today’s bargains are from the opshop but at least one is. I had to go to town to run some errands so decided to check out the Big W sales. I grabbed this cute new Emerson shirt for $7 that has a fleck of yellow through it (see close up) which is is a colour I’m loving at the moment. The shoes were the only item today from an actual opshop. They are as good as new with zero wear and tear and cost me all of $13. One of my errands involved returning something to EB Games which resulted in a store credit so I took advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offer and scored two preowned PS3 games for my boys for $28. After my errands I visited the book exchange and picked up two rural fiction novels for $10ea. This is without doubt my favourite genre at present. All up todays haul cost me $68 – once again blowing my $50 p/wk budget. I really need to work on this!


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