{OPSHOP} Coffee, Birdies & Alphabet Sisters

I had several hours to spend in town today so I took the opportunity to go OpShopping, of course! My intention was to visit all the OpShops in my area – around 13 stores all up. To kick start my OpShopping spree I stopped at a new cafe in town for a quick coffee. This quaint little space had a very retro/hipster feel to it and I can see I’ll be visiting again in the near future.

Battling the 34° heat and what felt like 1000% humidity, I managed to rummage my way through six stores in the time I had. I also discovered a new Vinnies Superstore!

I had set myself a budget of $50 for the day but in all the excitement over the new Superstore, I kinda blew my budget out of the water. I did however score some fantastic finds! At the first store I visited I found two dresses that I immediately fell in love with. Both are Portmans brand ($12.50ea) and near new quality but the blue one is a fraction too big under my arms. Nothing a sewing machine and a friend who knows how to use one won’t fix! I didn’t buy the belts ($2 & $3) to go with these dresses however they do look like they would work together.

The next stores finds consisted of some fabulous and funky tops ($3ea), a cute pearl and tule necklace ($2) and two pairs of practical shoes ($5 & $10) for when I return to work (more on that at a later date). I don’t normally go for quirky prints like birds but I loved the colour and fabric of this top and just could not let it go. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the necklace as I knew I had a matching brooch/hair clip at home that would go with it perfectly!

Of course there were bound to be some books in my haul today. I grabbed ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ by Sophie Kinsella ($3) because, well, I’m a shopaholic and I have another from this series as well. I love Australian author Fiona Higgins and am currently reading another of her books. I chose this book ‘Love in the Age of Drought’ ($3.50) because the storyline resonates pretty closely to my own life (city girl meets country boy). And finally, ‘The Alphabet Sisters’ by Monica McInerney ($2) was chosen  purely because I liked the idea behind the book. Now, how was I meant to carry all these books and still browse the stores? I found an adorable tote bag to tote around my stuff ($4).

In total I spent $65.50 today, which was $15.50 over my budget so I’m self-inflicting an OpShop ban for the rest of the week. Ha! Let’s see how that goes.


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